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What is a video intercom system and what is its purpose?

Video Intercom Systems Installation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Wall Mounted Video Intercom Main Entry Station

One of the main advantages of an intercom security system is significant enhancement of overall safety of your property. With a video intercom system, a property owner can screen visitors and verify their identity before granting them access to the premises. Needless to say, this helps to prevent unauthorized access and to protect against potential break-ins.

Here's a quick list of main benefits a video intercom system can offer:

First, Access Control.

Without a doubt, this feature is very important for any property owner. Apartment buildings, offices, storages, etc. need to monitor whoever is coming in and out. Quite often, it is not only the main entrances that need to be covered, but the areas inside the premises as well. A very good example of this would be package rooms which only authorized persons should have access to.

Second, it is Convenience.

A modern cloud-based video intercom system allows you to see visitors, instantly chat with them and easily grant access to the premises no matter where you are as long as you have access to the Internet. Talk to them, let them in if needed or send them on their way - all of it with convenience and safety, which is so important these days.

Third, Deterring Possible Problems.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns in today’s world for a reason. The more precautions are taken to keep possible problems from becoming emergencies, the better. Video intercom system can be one of such precautions. The last thing troublemakers want is to be on camera. When paired with other security measures, not only a video intercom system can make a break-in a hassle that is not worth the trouble, but it can actually become something that might save your life.

A-Z Smart Home keeps up with the latest trends in access control systems. The technologies and integrations we offer let building owners and property managers experience easy, effortless security solutions. Contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate and let us help you to get the smart video access system custom tailored to YOUR needs.

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