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Surveillance Cameras Access Control Intercom Commercial Residential

Access Control

Every time you visit an office space, enter an apartment building, or drive into a gated community, you will likely be faced with restricted access and a code pad and/or a button to ring through if you are a visitor. Some of the access control keypads have a microphone and speaker so you can speak to the visitor, and some have cameras that allow you to also see them. The primary benefit of access control is that it ensures that a space remains secure and only visited by those who are granted access. This restriction helps to keep residents and property safe, not only deterring burglars but ensuring that they are unable to gain entry without permission. Another key benefit of access control is that entry and exit data can be tracked, and data can be used for anything from tracking the use of a building, to understanding and logging when individuals have entered and left the premises.


If you are interested in installing an access control system at your home or place of business, please use the "Contact Us" form below and we will get back to you shortly.


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