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What Is Universal Remote Control?

Universal remote control is being used with a home theater setup
Properly set up universal remote control ensures smooth and pleasant user experience

In short, a universal remote can be programmed to control all your audio visual and other types of equipment no matter what brand it is. A universal remote replaces the original equipment controllers combining their functionality and making AV or any other system control much easier.

While entry level universal remotes can only control a set number of devices determined by their manufacturer, their more advanced counerparts allow programming in new control codes as well as complicated macros. In addition, a lot of control system manufacturers such as Savant, RTI, Control4, URC, Crestron, etc. offer smartphone and tablet app versions of their controllers, giving the end user even higher level of comfort and flexibility. TWO MAIN REASONS TO USE A UNIVERSAL REMOTE:

Reason 1. Keep things organized If you have a large entertainment center, every system component such as a TV or projector, AV receiver, Blu-ray, cable box or streaming player (Apple TV or Roku), etc. comes with its own dedicated remote control. All these remotes take up room and often make people feel like the setup they have is way more complicated than it actually is. In addition, one of the remotes may get lost and add yet another level of frustration to the user experience. So, what's the remedy? The remedy is replacing multiple remotes with a single easy-to-use universal controller that can work with all your equipment. Reason 2. Simplify things The number one benefit of having a universal remote control is convenience and simplicity. You no longer need to use multiple remotes to simply turn the Blu-ray on and adjust the volume. A universal controller allows switching between video and audio sources and changing the volume on your audio system when listening to music and watching movies with a single device. While in most cases, setting up a universal remote might require a professional, when everything is properly set up, chances are you will never even think of using the original equipment remotes again. Should you need assistance with setting up an existing universal remote or would like to get a new one, please follow this link to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!

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