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Multi Room Video

Multi-room video solutions would allow you to enjoy access to your AV components no matter where you are in your home. In case you have several TVs but can’t stand the thought of having to deal with multiple remote controls, cables and bunch of extra equipment, a multi-room video system can become a great solution for you. No matter the size of your home or complexity of your needs, we can suggest, provide, and install multiple solutions for your multiroom video distribution needs.

All our installations include the following:

  • we will help you to choose the best and most secure location for the system components

  • all video sources you are planning to use with the system (cable box, Apple TV, BluRay, etc.) will be connected and calibrated for the best performance

  • all wiring will be organized for clean and neat look and ease of access

  • for wall and ceiling installations, if possible, all cables will be run behind the wall. In case this is not possible, a surface-mounted wire molding will be used

  • upon completion of the installation, the work area will be cleaned up and all packing materials removed

  • we will give you the setup walk through to make sure you know how to use your new system

To schedule a free on-site estimate, please send us an email at and we will get back to you within 24 hours!


Multi Room Video
Part of Home Theater Multi Room Setup
Multi Room Video A-Z Smart Home
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