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Multi Room Audio Audio Visual AV Networks TV Installation Projector and Screen Installation Low Voltage Structured Wiring

Commercial Systems

The purpose of a good commercial AV system is to simplify the way end user will interact with equipment. Instead of having remote controls and a set of cables for each piece of equipment in the room, an AV control system connects all system components and offers one streamlined control interface to perform the required actions. Big or small project, we will work with you to deliver the most elegant, reliable, and user-friendly solution for your audio visual and lighting control needs. Please contact us to schedule a free on-site estimate for accurate pricing.


Conference Rooms Setup A-Z Smart Home

Conference Rooms

More and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely part time to cut down on commuting and create more work-life balance. The right meeting room technology enables the seamless connection between all these parties. Not only does it enable relationship building on a deeper level than audio alone, it also acts as a cost-saving tool by reducing travel expenses.

In case you are looking for a reliable yet effective solution for your conference room, please reach out to us to schedule your free estimate.


Commercial locations structured wiring

Prewiring is installation of cables and wires during a new construction. Some of the home systems that require prewiring are security, smart home systems, home theaters and entertainment systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, phone and Internet networks. In addition to the functionality, prewiring is a permanent upgrade to your home or venue, increasing its value at the time of sale. In case you need assistance with prewiring your home or place of business, please reach out to us and we will gladly help you.


Audio Distribution

Audio Distribution

An audio distribution system is a great way to play your music throughout the whole venue at the same time or in each individual audio zone. All your playlists can be accessed either through dedicated handheld, tabletop, or wall-mounted remote control or from your smartphone or iPad. We will also be able to suggest and provide the type of speakers best for the given application both in terms of the sound and ability to visually disappear. Please contact us to schedule a free on-site estimate for your project.


Auditorium A-Z Smart Home


The purpose of an auditorium is to enable an audience to see and hear. With the right AV setup, every audience member can enjoy the same great experience with clear line of sight, great quality displays and clarity of sound in an acoustically attuned environment. In case this sounds like the project you have in mind, we will gladly help you. Please contact us to schedule a free estimate.


Lighting Control A-Z Smart Home

Lighting Control

The benefits of a lighting control system in commercial environment are very similar to those in residential applications. Improved savings and energy efficiency helping to avoid increased electricity bills for lighting the unused areas. The ease of use allowing you to control and monitor any connected lighting feature with the press of a button. Finally, this is better security, because, studies suggest thieves don’t target properties with outside lighting as it harms their anonymity. Do you need a lighting control system installed? We look forward to working with you!


Whole House Video

Video Distribution

Share a single cable box, Blu-ray, media player or any other video source between all screens in the whole venue instead of providing a dedicated source for each screen. This will not only make the whole setup look cleaner, but will significantly simplify the maintenance if it is ever needed. In case your project calls for it, please reach out to us to schedule a free on-site estimate.


Restaurants and clubs audio and video systems installation

Restaurants & Clubs

Sound has a powerful impact on the success of your restaurant business, setting the tone from the moment a customer walks in the door until they pay the bill and head out. Done properly, audio can significantly enhance the customer experience. While it might seem like an audio system is as simple as an amplifier and speakers, it’s a fine-tuned system best designed by professionals. We can help with every step of the design and installation process. Please contact us to schedule a free on-site estimate.


A-Z Smart Home LLC will happily work with Architechts and Builders!

Architects and Builders

With rapidly advancing technologies, it is difficult to underestimate how extremely important it has become to work with architects and builders from the earliest project stages in both residential and commercial application. A-Z Smart Home can provide expert professionals with smart home, home automation and home entertainment systems installation experience to support the project from start to finish. Please send us your request and we will get back to you shortly.


Network Setup A-Z Smart Home

A reliable internet connection offers a lot of convenience and allows to complete tasks with much less hassle, whether that’s downloading a document or making a video call to a work colleague or a loved one. With a good internet connection, we can work, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves and save money. Depending on the project, we can offer wired and wireless solutions for your networking needs. Feel free to contact us to schedule your free estimate.


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