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Mounting a Projector?

Ceiling-mounted projector image adjustment
Installed ceiling-mounted projector final adjustments

Lately, projectors have become more common as people are looking for larger screens that offer 100" or larger viewing area. But once you decide to install a projector in your home or place of business, you should decide where exactly to install it. Depending on the model of your projector, setting it up can be very simple or might take some time to get it right.

There are several ways to mount a projector, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we list a few options with pros and cons for each one:

Ceiling mounting

This is easily the most common and well-known option. The projector is calibrated to the projection area and rarely needs any adjustments from that point on.

Wall mounting

This option is also quite popular. Used for short-throw projectors or traditional setups where it is not practical to ceiling mount the projector, this solution allows for easy access to the projector if necessary.

Projector Shelf

Installing a projector on a shelf could probably be a variation of the previous option. For rooms with lower ceilings where using a ceiling or wall mounting bracket may bring the projector too low to be usable, having projector on a shelf can solve this problem. And it would still keep the projector out of the way when not in use.

Dedicated projector niche

Sometimes, installing a projector in plain sight is not an option. It such cases a dedicated enclosure can be built and installed inside of the wall or the soffit. While this is one of the cleanest-looking installation options, it is important to keep in mind that replacing the existing projector with a model of a different size might be complicated due to enclosure dimensions.

Projector lift

This is the coolest looking and most involved option. The projector is only visible when in use and is retracted when you don't need it. This option requires enough room in the ceiling to fit the whole assembly and is not suitable for every location.

If you are interested in any of the options listed above and need assistance with any of them, just reach out to us using the contact information below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly!

(215) 515-6108

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